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The most frequently asked questions of our visitors are around the quality of the cuisine and the price of the experience. It seems natural, to us, to explain our policy.
You can read our FAQ page for other questions you may have about the concept.


Some of you might wonder why our prices are a bit higher than in traditional restaurants. We think it is important to be transparent, therefore we want to use this opportunity to explain.

1. Since we are serving food in the dark, we need to be more careful and diligent about safety and logistic issues that can be quite costly. Dans Le Noir? company does not receive any public or charity support funding, even though 50% of the employees are disabled (mostly visually impaired or deaf).

2. We require more space than a regular restaurant as we need to separate the darkroom from the welcoming area, which consequently reduces the capacity and the number of guests that we can accommodate.

3. We also need more staff than a regular restaurant, when it comes to the welcoming staff, our guides, and the kitchen staff.

4. Food served in the dark requires a lot of carefully planning, as your sense & taste buds are enhanced. We need to be extra careful about the freshness, all the dietary requirements, and the quality of our products that are locally sourced and prepared for you.

Therefore, an extra £15 is included in order to access the experience. So, a Three Course Meal that you pay £55 at Dans le Noir ? is, in fact, £40 in the light and our Two Course Meal for £48 is £33.
Our prices for the food are quite modest for a home-made cooking with fresh ingredients. We try to keep the experience accessible to everybody offering 10% discount for students and provide a kid’s menu.
In 2016, the profitability of the company Dans Le Noir? across in Europe is a reasonable 9%. Also, 80% of our profits are reinvested to develop new projects, finance innovation and increase our social impact in the UK and worldwide.
5 to 10% of our profits are also reinvested into UK charities like Fredericks Foundation ( and into our own charity program bringing electricity to Schools in Africa ( ). We also support between 8 to 15 UK charities per year to fundraise, give vouchers and organise joint-events.

If you have any complaint, question or query about our restaurant in London, please do not hesitate to contact the General Manager at:

If you have any question about our brand, international development, franchise program or if your company wants to join our program “A light for Africa” and wants to learn more about our social impact, please contact directly our headquarter through the address:

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