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Ethik Event is the event department of the Dans le Noir / Ethik Investment group and is in charge of all the openings and setting up of Dans le Noir ? Restaurants (Paris, London, Barcelona and St-Petersburg). Ethik Event also runs our pop up restaurants events all over the world (New York, Riyadh, Bangkok, Geneva, Warsaw, Brussels, Amsterdam, Chester, Newcastle, Saint Andrews…) for more than 12 years now.

Ethik Event is specialised in Sensorial Marketing, Original Team Cohesion events and Social Innovations, and probably is the best expert worldwide to run events in pitch darkness and design turnkey and tailor-made events for big companies, brands and institutions with indoor and outdoor solutions.

learn more about ethik event in 1.30 minute watching this video :

“A good experience, is better than a long speech !”

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Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to explain to you the different possibilities, show you some examples and organise a meeting. 

Fix phone: 00 44 207 253 1100

Mobile phone: 00 44 759 9892 742

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