Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Corporate events

The restaurant can be hired out for private events, company lunches, dinners, Christmas parties, product launches or team building exercises. We bring special attention to Corporate Events with more staff and a higher standard of production.

We also frequently organize Fundraising events for charities & foundations with special deals.

You will be able to accommodate 60 people per shift (so possibly 60 to 120 people in one evening).

The lit bar and the lounge serve cocktails before and after dinner, or during a proper break between sessions in the dark.
Dans le Noir? offers many options to companies to organize their events. An event specialist is on hand to guide you through the planning and execution of your event. Enjoy our team’s “know-how” to organize a dinner in the dark, a sensory workshop, a seminar, a team building exercise, a dark lab, a food or beverage tasting, a debate, a press conference, a lecture, a story-telling time or concert.. The ideas are endless.

Eating at Dans le Noir? is more than just having lunch or dinner. It evokes a genuine sensorial experience that each employee, client or partner will remember. We structure our team around positive experiences and removing all visual preconceptions, so that the experience of a lunch or dinner in the dark will work as a unique, efficient tool for Human Resource learning and team building.

Dans le Noir? offers an opportunity to enhance creativity, break hierarchical barriers and interact with each other, a unique occasion to question the way we perceive the world as individuals and restores our connection with others.
In the dark, people have a rare opportunity to free themselves from preconceived ideas and ideas governed by sight, so they are able to have a more intense and authentic experience.Dans le Noir? provides companies with an opportunity to boost their employees’ creativity and dampen self-criticism, and enables a new way to communicate and interact with each other.

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