About us

About us

Ethik Investment Group was founded in 2003 by Edouard de Broglie, a specialist in innovation and Social Responsibility. Edouard is the author of a reference book published in 2002 in France about Social Responsibility (“Brand vs Ethics”, Pearson) and a brand new book published in June 2014 (“Dans le Noir? A luminous idea”, Pearson). As an Entrepreneur, Edouard was the successful owner of Trade Connection, an IT company in France, making over a million dollars in profits per year.
Willing to reinvest its profits in a useful idea, Edouard met with many foundations all over Europe looking for a good fit. He finally met with blind foundations in France, Germany and Switzerland and decided to organize dinner in the dark to raise awareness about disability.
As an ex-marketing consultant for major brands, such as Young & Rubicam and Havas, Edouard immediately understood the high potential of the concept as a useful business. He proposed to the Foundation Paul Guinot in France to set up a model for a profitable company employing a high percentage of visually impaired people.
In a show of faith in the project, Ethik Investment opened with the support of Paul Guinot Foundation the first permanent private restaurant in the dark in Paris with no additional support from other foundations, public funding or banks.
Success was immediate thanks to a huge national and worldwide press support for the venture and their clients did the rest with an intense word of mouth strategy. The restaurant in Paris was fully booked for the first 2 months in advance of its opening and the clients did the rest with an intense word of mouth strategy.

Dans le Noir? became an independent group and is now expanding in different activities.

Dans le Noir ? Restaurants:
Paris, London, Barcelona, Auckland + Franchise in St Petersburg

Dans le Noir ? the Spa:
Paris and Bordeaux (France)

Ethik Connection :
The innovative diversity agency.

The group has around 60 permanent staff members including management, not including franchises and temporary staff.
50% of our staff has a disability…but we prefer to say a difference!
Sales for 2013 reached 6 million Euros, with a profit of about 8% for the restaurants.