Restaurant/Bar/Lounge - 30-31 Clerkenwell Green EC1R 0DU - London - 020 7253 1100

A unique dining and tasting experience


Our London venue is located in the charming area of Clerkenwell. It’s easy to access from all over London.

The restaurant is organized into three different areas:
- A large Bar and a Lounge where people are welcomed and where we take orders. This bar is open daily for any client to have a drink or a snack in a warm and friendly environment. You will also find lockers to keep your coats, bags, and phones safe during the experience.

- A large Dining Room in the dark, serves up to 60 people. Our operations have been organized to provide security and minimize accidents. The whole room is monitored with infra-red cameras in case of a problem.

- An anteroom allows visitors to enter the restaurant without any intrusion of light. Dans le Noir? has a special security system and clearly indicated emergency exits which light up if needed. All safety and emergency procedures have been approved by the Authorities to ensure customers’ safety.