Wines & Drinks

Wines & Drinks

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Choosing a wine with dinner is often a daunting decision, however, it is made even harder by the fact that our customers do not know what they are going to be served. Therefore, Jérôme Barret, Dans le Noir’s ? wine expert has put together an excellent array of different wine and meal combinations for your convenience.

Wine bottles in the dark will be served with a special sleeve that will keep the bottle from breaking. We also offer surprise wine tasting.

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Surprise Cocktails

Our Surprise Cocktails begin with a fresh fruit base, and are an excellent introduction to the experience you will encounter in the dark room.
Surprise Cocktails are £9 with alcohol or £7.50 without alcohol.




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Hot beverages

Coffee, tea and other hot drinks, for safety reasons, are not served in the dark but are available in the lit bar at the end of the experience.


A la carte

a la carte

If you prefer to choose your wine yourself, you can find here our Wine lsit with the selection of Jérome Barret (Wine expert) and Bart Kosinski (General Manager).