Surprise Menus

Surprise Menus

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Information regarding the pricing of our different menus and packages is available at the bottom of the page.

On arrival, a member of the staff will take you through the concept and you will have the chance to choose from our four different Surprise Menus:
The White Menu: A completely surprise menu which includes a combination of fish, shellfish and exotic meats.
The Red Menu: A surprise menu which will include a selection of meat based dishes.
The Blue Menu: Our pescatarian option, this surprise menu includes a selection of fish and shellfish based dishes.
The Green Menu: A completely vegetarian menu (please note that we also cater for vegans).

Eating in pitch darkness will challenge your senses like no other culinary experience has done before. Deprived of sight, you will use your nose, taste buds and probably also your fingers to discover what you are actually eating and drinking.

Once the meal is over, you will be guided back to the light and the surprise menu of the day will be revealed. You will know how right or how wrong your guesses were and, maybe, you will find out that you have enjoyed things you thought you did not like. It is for that reason that at Dans Le Noir? just for one night we will ask you to leave any food dislikes aside.

We do however adapt our menus to any allergies and dietary requirements you may have. If that is the case, please let a member of staff know before being guided into the dark room and our team will ensure that all requirements are met. Relax and enjoy the experience.

Please note that our surprise menus are seasonal and we change them approximately every three months. If you have been at Dans Le Noir? before and want to come again, please do let us know the date of your last visit and we will ensure you get a completely new surprise menu in your next visit.



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