Surprise Menus

Surprise Menus

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Guests can choose among a limited choice of Surprise Menus. The idea is that each guest should not know exactly what he or she will be eating… just the general category. It’s all about flavours, aromas, textures and seasonings. It is an old principle often used in the industry, called “blind tasting”.

The concept behind our menu is to re-educate our customers’ palate and mind, to make them truly experience the flavours being presented. Totally deprived of light, your eyes can’t deceive you, so therefore all preconceptions are gone.
At Dans le Noir?, we do not ask you what you would like to eat but rather what you cannot eat. We take into account all your dietary requirements when taking the order so we always make certain you won’t have any ingredients you are allergic to or need to avoid eating for any reason. Thanks to these precautions, each visitor can explore the adventure and enjoy the great excitement of the Surprise Menus.

The Surprise Menus are adapted in various ways, according to the seasons. The menus change every two or three months. Special menus are proposed from time to time to reflect specific Holidays (calendar events like Halloween, Saint Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, etc…). Themed menus are also used to reflect the cuisine of certain countries called “Travel days”, and the same can be done for wines. Pricing varies slightly depending on the seasonality of the products and the ingredients.
At Dans le Noir ?, we work mainly with fresh products, and when it is possible we are using organic and seasonal vegetables, line caught fish, and free-range and grass-fed meats. We also try to offer fair trade products. Our cuisine is created by local innovative chefs. The approach of cooking at “Dans le Noir?” is to increase your senses in the dark, and to separate tastes on your plate with a pedagogical and interesting organisation.
We try to make your sensory experience as complete and interesting as possible.




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