Surprise Menus

Surprise Menus

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You can choose among four different Surprise Menus. The concept is to pick one of our different menus represented by colours on arrival at the restaurant:
– The White Menu: it is a combination of fish and exotic meat. You are in the hands of our Chef, trust him and you will not regret it!
– The Red Menu: it is specially created for meat eaters
– The Blue Menu: for fish & seafood lovers
– The Green Menu: option completely vegetarian (and vegan possible on request)
During the dinner, you will have to try and guess what you are eating – not such an easy task, as you will surely find out. We will show you pictures of your chosen menu along with detailed descriptions, once you come out of the dark room. Prepare yourself for a good laugh!
At Dans le Noir ? we do not ask what you would like to eat but rather what you cannot eat. We take into account all your dietary requirements when taking your order so we always make sure you will not have any ingredients you are allergic to or need to avoid eating for any reason.

The concept behind our menus is to re-educate our customers’ palate and mind in order to make them truly experience the flavours being presented. Totally deprived of light, your eyes cannot deceive you; therefore all your preconceptions are gone. The sense of taste becomes dominant in the dark once sight becomes dormant. Therefore, it is our prerogative to serve only fresh food, mostly organic whenever possible as well as seasonal vegetables, line caught fish, free-range and grass-fed meats. Our cooking is based on passion and ingredients of finest quality to make this experience as memorable and tasty as humanly possible.
The Surprise Menus are adapted in various ways according to the season. The menus change every two or three months.




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