Kid’s Tasting

Kid’s Tasting

A unique learning experience for your child!



Let them try an exceptional human and sensory experience especially designed for kids.

Let them socialize without preconception and try a more authentic communication.

For 10 years Dans le Noir ? Restaurant has been offering an unusual dining experience and journey through pitch darkness.

Now the journey continues with tastings especially created for kids.

Happy Children Dans le Noir?




Tasting in complete darkness, being hosted and served by one of our friendly visually impaired guides will change your child’s perspective of their surroundings.

This experience will question his senses, change perspective, kill preconception!

Lounge Kids Tasting

An amazing educational concept raising awareness about disability. Your child is taking through this experience by one of our guides, who are experts in the dark and introduce them a unique sensory experience.



Choose your day between Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm.


We are happy to accommodate any groups of children over 6 years old.


To experience

To experience pitch darkness

To meet a visually impaired person

To meet a visually impaired person

From 5 to 60 people per session

Up to 60 people per session

Surprise gift

Every child will receive a surprise gift

Special package for your school

Special package tailored for your school or child organisation

Debrief Dans le Noir?

Debrief to talk about the experience together

Tasting goes through a selection of awarded sensorial and delicatessen products all winners of the “Dans le Noir ? Blind Tasting Awards”.

Label Dans le Noir?

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