A story of sense

A sensory journey

Dining in pitch darkness, being hosted and served by a visually impaired waiter will change your perspective of the world by inverting your point of view. It is a sensory experience that awakens your senses and enables you to completely re-evaluate your perception of taste and smell.

A human exchange

Plunge into your imagination to rediscover your senses and meet others. Our event planning and consulting divisions (Ethik Event and Ethik Management) are trying to share this experience in Europe with large companies and institutions in order to develop a positive perception of the difference.
A unique human experience and a great place to socialise in the heart of London. Our restaurant holds only sharing tables, therefore our guests share a meal in pitch darkness and engage in conversations with people they haven’t seen before while learning about blindness and disability. A place that kills preconceptions and brings a lot of interesting questions to your mind in a fun and surprising environment. Unlike other places this restaurant is totally devoid of vanity.

 A social conviviality

It is also a social experience where darkness frees inhibitions and fosters a conviviality without preconceptions. A unusual experience where those with visual impairments become your eyes and guides for a short time in an intriguing world.

Enjoy our surprise menus elaborated by our Head Chef Rafal Zaremba along with the finest wines selected by Jérôme Barret, our wine expert.

“Unlike this other restaurant this place is totally devoid of vanity. Everyone must go!”

Evening standard